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VBB Publishing house

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VBB Publishing house

“Bialo Bratstvo: Publishing House was founded in 1994 by “Bialo Bratstvo” Spiritual Society as a successor of its publishing activities until 1944.

The main stream in the Publishing House activities is publication of the Word and music of the Master Petar Deunov - Beinsa Douno (1864-1944) in Bulgarian and other languages.

It also republished the lectures of the Master, issued by 1948, which preserved the authenticity of the original text; and it continues to publish new books of the Word compiled after preserved stenographical notes.

“Bialo Bratstvo” Publishing House realized several joint editions with:”Zahari Stoyanov” Publishing House, “Kliment Ohridski” University Press and the Press of the National Library “St.St. Ciryllus and Methodius”.

On behalf of our  editors we express our hearty gratitute for the colaboration with Poligrafichesky kombinat. Your professionalism is a matter of fact! The deffinition "poligrafichesky"*, is a trade-mark because with you we can really acomplish all ways of  print reproduction of text and images. Your production  trully meets all the challenges of the progresively developing branch. But not only this- working with you and all of your team gives us fullfilment and ease, because it is based on mutual respect and understanding..

        More than  56 years Poligrafichesky kombinat is a leading institution in the Bulgarian printing industry. We wish you stability and sucess from now on. Courage!

*/a term defining book production process/

Afrodita Peeva

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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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