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Spread over 12 600 sqm, our production site is equipped with modern machinery and technologies, manufactured by well recognised brands as Luеsher, Kodak, Heidelberg, Muller Martini, Meccanotecnica, Horauf, Stahl, LBW  etc.

We have sepated our production to 3 main departments- prepress, printing and finishing all connected on-line. Management and control over the production process, are provided for by implemented CMS, allowing us tight control over amounts and consumption of materials, timelines, as well as quality.
Minimum and maximum sizes of products,  available for machining are quoted in our portfolio.

In case more complicated technologies and materials are required,  our  specialised and experiences personnel, equipped accordingly has the capacity to produce hand made books and parts of books.


Access control, 24/7 security and CC TV are operating over the whole territory, of our site. 

Thinking for the future

Our new printing plant is designed and build in compliance with good practices of sustainable development.

  • For air conditioning, heating and ventilation we have build in system of thermal pumps and  own water source.
  • We separate all production and utility waste generated on site (glass, paper, PVC, pp, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, used oils, residue of ink, lamps etc. ).
  • No harmful or toxic chemicals are used in our production processes.
  • We save 3% from every  product made from recycled materials, and use it for our ecological- initiatives.
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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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Plamen Roussev