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Our other clients

  • Plamen Petkov General manager

    Plamen Petkov has been leading Dimitar Blagoev printing house with a firm hand for more than 15 years. During his long career in the printing industry he has managed to win the recognition of most of Bulgarian publishers, as well as of every member of our team!
    Phone: (02) 9790006; факс: (02)9790103

    E-mail: manager@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Phone: +359889 506 284

    E-mail: filip.petkov@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Petio Todorov Economical manager

    With his numerous contacts and long experience in the fileld, Petyo Todorov is an exceptional tradesman. Provided with a sample either by you or us, he will go to great lengths to deliver the required papers, textiles or other materials on time and at the best price.
    Phone: (02) 9790078

    E-mail: todorov@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Zlatka Todorova Chief financial officer

    Punctual, pedanctic and attentive to the smallest details, Zlatka Todorova has been managing the cash flows of the printing house for more than 15 years.
    Phone: (02) 9790008

    E-mail: todorova@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Paolina Dimitrova Chief technologist

    With over 20 years of experience as a technologist, Poli is an exceptional specialist. A graduate of the Moscow Printing Institute, she has spent her whole career at the printing house. Her specialty is solving the hardest printing cases from technological point of view.
    Phone: (02) 9790075

    E-mail: tehnolog@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Maria Spassova Tehnologist

    Maria is experienced in every step of the production process. A graduate in printing, she knows the capacity of the printing house by heart and can give you the best advice on how to achieve high quality on a reasonable price.
    Maria can be contacted also via Skype at (poligrafcombinat).
    Phone: (02) 9790075; 0879 009142

    E-mail: maria@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Svetla Pavlova Technologist

    Svetla is one of the most radiant people in our team. She handles all difficulties with great care and is very attentive to every single client. A graduate in chemistry, she is responsible for the quality control of papers that we work for, handling the special electronic scale.
    Phone: (02) 9790076; 0889 258 464

    E-mail: calc@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Tatiana Ozerova Head of prepress department

    Tatyana is a specialist with an exceptional sense for the novelties in the field. A graduate from the Moscow Printing Institute, she is an expert in the fastest developing part of the printing industry. Having implemented into work the first CtP system in Bulgaria, she is always a step ahead.
    Phone: (02) 9790074 в.146

    E-mail: prepress@poligrafcombinat.bg

  • Valeria Dimova Head of printing department

    Valia is the firm manager of the printing department. A graduate from the Lviv Printing Institute, she is able to cope with even the most printing specialists in her department and makes it work flawlessly.
    Phone: (02) 9790074 в.149
  • Silvia Andreeva Head of finishing department

    Silvia is the head of the finishing department since September 2012. Prior to this she has held numerous positions in the company -head of the Hardcover Binding Department, an executive in HR, etc. Silvia is an exceptional and rich-experienced professional.
    Phone: (02) 979 00 74, в.138
  • Diana Boicheva E-books

    Diana develops the trade opportunities for traditional and e-books and has a long-standing partnership with Mtel telecommunication operator for their e-books site www.mtel.bg/ebook.
    Phone: (02) 9790074 в.116; 0888505774

    E-mail: marketing@poligrafcombinat.bg

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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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Plamen Roussev