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Requirements for the print files

  • Decrease text size
  • Normal size
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Please upload files only in PDF (press quality), EPS, PS.

You may also take in mind the following good practices:


  • Pages must be left and right with the proper indentation on both sides. 
  • If there are bleeding elements, an additional indent of 5 mm must be provided on all three external sides that will be cut. Do not add any scales or marks on the sides, even if they are outside the print field.
  • Make sure that the black texts in the book are not full colour. If the texts is supposed to be colourful by design, have 2 colours at most or choose a PANTONE colour (this will be more cost-efficient, too)
  • Make sure that you have specified if the files contain the cut or uncut format of the book.
  • When designing the book layout, make sure to take in mind the chosen paper. High-volume paper may not allow the correct printing of very thin lines or details, as well as thick backgrounds. They may either seem spotted or broken on the paper.
  • Make sure the files you send are converted to the CMYK colour pallette. If we receive files in other pallettes (RGB, Pantone, Lab), we will convert them to CMYK. Colours may suffer changes in the process.
  • Resolution is one of the main factors that determines the images' quality. For outstanding results, the pictures must have a resolution of at least 250 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Make sure that the fonts are either converted to curves or included in the PDF(PS) file.


  • When designing the cover layout, take in mind the width of the spine. Different papers have different volume and the spine widht may vary. Before sending the files for print, our technologists will make a mock model and will give you the exact width of the spine.
  • If you are going for the hard cover, leave an additional 2 cm on each side so the printed cover can be glued to the cardboard underneath.
  • Don't leave any texts on the front and back cover closer than 8 mm to the spine, so that they don't get in the joint (except you are intentionally seeking this effect)
  • Don't leave any texts closer than 5 mm to the cutting line of the ready book (except your design is intended this way).
  • When designing the cover layout of a book with flaps, take in mind the width of the cover when spread. It must not exceed the maximum width of the print sheet - usually 100 cm.
  • If the cover printing requires embossing or foil stamping, please prepare the stamp as a vector file.

If you have any questions regarding the print process or  need advice designing the layout technically, please contact our technologists at +359 2 979 00 75. Discussing your order prior to designing and sending the files will save you money, time and а lot of other trouble.

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