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The Kodak® InSite™ Prepress Portal is created to help the collaboration between clients and printing houses. Publishers can track the current job and the changes it goes through and approve files or parts of files for print, as well.

1. Access

Clients can access the Insite system with a username and password that are uniquely assigned to them. They provide the client with access to their profile, which contains their current and past print orders. The software can be accessed here or by clicking on the picture on the right.

2. File review

There are two options available for file review.

  • Book review - the file is presented in a book view. While going through the pages, you can revise page positioning or other details.
  • Smart review- the file is presented with more detailed information and allows the examination of a variety of characteristics such as bleed, colour, safety lines, etc.

Please have in mind that the files have went through imposition and RIP. Colours and other elements from your originals may have been affected. 

3. Approval

There are also two options available for file approval. Pages can be approved one by one or together. Clients can comment on every page, if necessary, or mark problem pages for replacement. Approval can be requested by more than one person - the editor, the designer, the creative director and order will be further processed only upon approval from all them. 

All comments and changes made by the client are automatically e-mailed to the technologist in charge of the order and no further calls or other types of notificiation are necessary.

4. Pricing.

The system allows the issuing of a quick quote for client inquiries. Every quote is calculated by an expert from the printing house and after approval is e-mailed to the inquirer. If you have requested a quite through the online form or at you are to receive it soon.

5. Sign out

Please always log out from the system.

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