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Our newest product - children's books

We are proud to present the newest product of "Dimitar Blagoev" Printing House - children's books made of masked cardboard with plastic handles.

How do we produce them?

The books are machine-produced, which eliminates the high costs of manual production and allows higher circulations in relatively short time.

We can produce handles in colours of your choice or you can use one of the preexisting ones.

We also round the corners, so the products are safe in the hands of children,

The sample product on the picture is made of 1,2 mm thick cardboard, covered with 90gr cast-coated paper.

The price?

The samples' dimensions are 150x150 mm (calculated by minimal cardboard waste) and has 8 pages.

Call or request a quote through the online form.

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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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Plamen Roussev