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Dimitar Blagoev printing house participated at COPI'S expo

Dimitar Blagoev printing house participated at COPI'S - the printing and advertising technology exposition.

Our print experts welcomed visitors on the stand of the printing house and advised them on achieving the best effect when printing their advertising and communication  materials. They emphasized the importance of choosing the most appropriate format, paper and finishing effects.

At the expo was also presented the new product line of notebooks and daily planners, that stand out with their unusual binding and finishing. Find out more about the notebooks.

During the second day of the expo Dimitar Blagoev printing house hosted a discussion panel - "Value-added print product - best practices from print advertising", during which 5 proffesionals from different areas of communication presented their views on how to achieve added value in print advertising.

Ivan Popov from V/AN Creative&Motion design studio spoke about design functionality and about the need for brands to communicate with messages that are easily understood. He also presented the latest hypes in design - the infographics and the art direction.

Ralitsa Peneva from Antalis - paper and cardboard distributor for printing and outdoor advertising materials, showed how paper conveys the emotion and messages of the brand. She presented different ecological papers, recycled or produced in a sustainable way, that can be an additional way for a company to express its engagement to preserving the environment.

Eng. Tatyana Ozerova, chief of Prepress department, and eng. Valeria Dimova,  chief of Print department at Dimitar Blagoev printing house, gave useful tips on collaborating with a printer. The visitors learned how to prepare their files in order to achieve the best results, the possible printing errors and how to properly prevent them.

At the end Diana Boicheva, manager of BGkniga publishing house, spoke about one of the latest tendencies in marketing - content marketing. This relatively new direction is about the brand creating added value for its customers by expressing its experience and expert knowledge in the form of useful advice, researches and event white papers and books.

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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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