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Last goodbye to our long-time colleague Bibigul Tassanova

We will be saying our last goodbyes with our long-time, loved and respected colleague Bibigul Tassanova on Friday, the 1st of February at 11:00 am in the Main Hall of the Central Cemetry Park in Sofia. Mrs Tassanova passed away on the 29th of January. The loss for the whole team of "Dimitar Blagoev" Printing House is immense and undescribable. 

Bibigul Tassanova is born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute with a degree in "Print production technology " in 1968. She and our colleague Boyko Markov got married and have a lovely daughter Zhana. 

Bibigul Tassanova started working in the State Print House "Georgi Dimitrov" (currently Education and Science" Print House), where she was employed as a shift leader, department head, Head of Production.

In the autumn of 1995 she became a part of the management team of "Dimitar Blagoev" Printing House as Head of Production. She has a significant contribution to modernizing and reforming the company. She was also the CEO of Printing House JSC.

Bibigul was an excellent professional, colleague and friend and we will always remember her as such:

„She was a lovely person, always good with her employees in a very human way, always ready to help with whatever she can. She was not only my manager, she was a friend with whom I have shared a lot of personal problems. I will always keep in my heart her warm smile and her tender call to me: "Valyushka"!"

"My soul hurts, really hurts. We lost not just the colleague - we lost a friend, dedicated, giving, living with the joys and the pains of each and every one of us. We will miss your smile so much and your "How are you doing, flower girls?" and "Where are you, Light of mine?' We love you, friend."

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