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"Dimitar Blagoev" printing house - now part of the Green Circle

With the building of its new premices in 2009, Dimitar Blagoev Printing House commited to following a policy of sustainable development and responsibility for the environment. We aim to achieve a decrease in the usage of energy resources, to separate and recycle production waste, as well as to decrease the waste quantities on an annual basis. In order to achieve our commitments, we are implementing a 5-year sustainable development program.

We are now part of the Green Circle of Bulgarian Companies, created by "Manager" magazine and Globul. The circle is open to every company, that believes in the green idea, follows green policies, makes environment-responsible decisions and is willing to make commitments to further reduce its impact on the environment.

Our commitments are as follows:

·         To reduce our usage of energy produced from non-renewable resources. The heating and air-conditioning of the building is done by a system ot thermal pumps and own water source.

·         To achieve the best quality of air in our production premises. The exhaustion of the paper waste, including paper dust, is organized through a centralized pipe system. The system works with compressed oxygen.

·         To reduce our production waste. We separate 8 types of waste, amongst which paper, plastic, aluminum, used oils, etc. We transport the separated waste directly to recycling companies that we are in contact with.

·         To initiate and maintain an environmental awareness program. We offer to publishers a list of materials produced by bio energy, recycling and alternative methods. 3% of the price from all products of these materials are included in our ecological fund, which will be used for the planting of trees.

·         To reduce transport expenses for us and our clients. We constantly introduce new online services, allowing our clients to have control over the quality of the production, without coming to our office. We also offer storage and distribution directly from the biggest book warehouse in Bulgaria - Knijna borsa ISKAR.

·         To raise the popularity of e-book publishing amongst Bulgarian publishers. We believe e-book publishing is one of the future perspectives for greener publishing. We have founded BGkniga Plc. - company focused on developing and serving the e-book market in Bulgaria.

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My book "Power of the people - the new marketing" was published in English. Special thanks to Sofitta translation agency, Socialble!, Diana Boycheva and Dimitar Blagoev printing house!

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Plamen Roussev